Thursday, October 6, 2011

CAM Use In Hospitals Tripled Since 2000 - Ask for the services you want!

Great news ... the October 4 article "Demand drives more hospitals to offer alternative therapies" from American Medical News reports that CAM (complementary alternative medicine) use in hospitals has tripled since 2000. As a result of patient demand, 42% of the 714 hospitals surveyed now offer some form of CAM therapy- including massage, meditation, and Reiki.

What about aromatherapy, (say, some lavender essential oil), shown to be effective with anxiety?[1] Hospital execs say they are making the change because the CAM therapies are "clinically effective" and to ensure patient satisfaction - so, be sure to ask your hospital for some aromatherapy while you wait for your procedure!

> Click here to read the full-text article on the American Medical News website

Have you asked your local hospital or primary care physician to offer more CAM alternatives? This is a fantastic opportunity to effect change in your community! Which CAM therapy would you most like to see your local hospital offer?

[1] Natural Standard. (2011 May). Aromatherapy for Anxiety. [Online exclusive]. Retrieved from