Thursday, April 13, 2006

Natural Gardening Tips for Spring

1. Coffee grounds have several uses in the garden, not only do they work as good fertilizer, they are a great pest
2. Don’t throw out those nylons! Cut _ “ strips from the legs and use them to ties back you plants. They work quite well on heavily staked plants, as they are stretchy.
3. To help you visualize what a section of a perennial border will look like, take paint stir sticks and pains the end the color of the flower, Plunge the stick into the ground where the flower will grown. Stand back and see if the color will work.
4.Transplants become less stressed when they are set out on a cloudy day.
5. Disassemble old mini blinds and cut the slats to the desired size. Write in permanent marker pen the names of herbs, flowers and vegetable for easy identification.
6. Save those metal frozen juice can lids, punch a hole through and hang from fruit trees or veggie stakes to deter birds.
7. Add banana peels for fertilizer to your roses
8. Placing mothballs in the garden will keep rabbits and unwanted critters away.
9. Sugar water might be more effective bait for slugs than beer.
10. Pinch back petunia’s new growth to encourage bushiness rather than leggy plants.

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