Friday, August 11, 2006

ACHS Open House 2006

The Australasian College of Health Sciences held its 4th Annual Lavender Distillation and Open House on July 26. Many students, graduates, and friends visited the campus and participated in the festivities. The following blog about the Open House is from Mike Lenczewski, Nat 201 student. We'd love to hear from anyone else who attended, and if you have thoughts, experiences, or photos you'd like to share, we invite you to post them here.

Lavender Distillation
The following pictures show Dorene Petersen explaining the distillation process and show two different types of distillers. Distillation is a time consuming process that is more of an art than a process.

Copper Distiller and
Copper Alembic

Botanical Garden

The following are pictures of the botanical garden tour guided by Dorene Petersen. The close-up pictures are pictures I took while walking the garden.

Picking Lavender

We were able to pick fresh lavender for $5 a bunch. The picture is me picking some lavender. The amazing thing is that bees were everywhere, but seemed sedated and did not even bother anyone in the garden.

Lavender Wands

We were also given instructions on and shown how to make lavender wands by Dorene. This process involves weaving ribbon through the fresh picked Lavender to create the wand. This skill requires patience, but is very relaxing.

The day ended with the Greece slideshow. The whole day was very informative and entertaining.
The trip from Spokane, WA to Portland, OR is about 5-6 hours. I stayed in Portland from 7/25 - 7/27 for a much needed vacation. The folloing photos are of Multnomah Falls which is where I stopped on the way home to stretch and take my beagle (Bailey) for a walk. It was a nice end to a great mini-vacation.

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