Friday, January 4, 2008

ACHS Graduate Heidi North continues her successes in Herbalism

ACHS Graduate Heide North continues her successes in Herbalism

ACHS Diploma in Herbal Studies Graduate and 2005 DETC Outstanding Graduate of the Year
Heide North has continued to build upon her success with her business, Urban Herbal Woman. Her business has recently also started a new venture (Pure Skincare) to expand others’ knowledge of skin care.

“Pure Skincare was originally created to provide people a natural, affordable option for their skin care needs. We feel that everyone - women, men, and especially children - are being exposed to far too many chemicals in the environment. It is our goal to educate consumers, and provide them with the best alternative for their skin.”

In order to touch the most people, Heidi has started a program to teach making and selling skin care products. “It is our goal to offer a business opportunity for those wanting to be home and have their own business.”

For further information visit the Urban Herbal Woman website.

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Anonymous said...

Great information, and I have a question. What should we watch out for to make sure the skin care products we buy aren't toxic? Is there a list of some kind?

Australasian College said...

I like Consumers Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients
by Ruth Winter, MS. The College store - The Apothecary Shoppe has it in stock


Nancy Brokaw, Part Owner, Pure Skin Care said...

The Consumers Dictionary is a great source, there is also the cosmetics database (study is called Skin Deep) on the Environmental Working Group website ( that is really excellent.

There are many things to watch out for in skincare. Unfortunately, commercial skincare (and some brands sold at natural food stores) contain many ingredients that are harmful to our health. These ingredients are added not for our benefit, but for the sole benefit of mass production and shelf life.

Parabens are just one small example of a harmful preservative used in skin care. There is a lot of evidence that parabens act like estrogen in the body. These chemical estrogens (called xeno-estrogens) mimic our own endocrine system and are linked to early puberty, male breast growth, and cancer.

In addition to parabens, there are ingredients used in skincare that are very toxic. In order to save costs, manufacturers use cheap ingredients, such as mineral oil (referred to as petroletum). Patroleum byproducts are at minimum, very drying and clogging to the skin, and at worst, known carcinogens.

We owe it to ourselves, and especially our children, to move toward truly natural skincare. Kids are at higher risk because their little bodies accumulate more toxins. We get so many positive reponses with truly-natural skin care because it works better then most other products on the market, it usually costs less, and it is so much better for you.