Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where Are You With Your ACHS Materials?

Stephanie Niazi, Nat 211 Anatomy & Physiology student, writes:

"Hi. This was a photo taken of me over the summer in the Maldives. No one could believe that I would go to such a place with homework. You can see my ACHS folder on the lounge."

Now, we want to hear about your adventures. Where do you study when you're traveling? Here's what we're looking for: Students travel and take their study materials with them; send us a picture of yourself with your materials and include a little blurb about what you're doing.

We have always known our courses were accessible, and now we want everyone to see it for themselves. Start snapping. Email your photos, blurb, and contact information to and we'll post the best photo and story in the next ACHS Reporter.

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