Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wisconsin Health Freedom Alert!

BY Kim Sharples, HHP

Wisconsin Health Freedom needs your help...

On Thursday, September 17, there will be an urgent hearing regarding Restrictive Dietary Licensing Legislation. The hearing will be at 10 am at Madison Hearing 411 South.

The hearing is on SB115, which can be downloaded here:

According to Wisconsin Health Freedom, this bill would create a nutrition and dietary monopoly for Registered Dietitians.

For more information, email or call (715) 452-5566. Health Freedom is asking Wisconsin residents to attend the hearing and:

1. Wear a white shirt to the hearing. We want to flood the hearing room with white shirts. You will be provided with an identifying badge.

2. Testify with a 2-3 minute statement on how you and your business will be affected or how alternative (non ADA) advice from health foods stores and natural practitioners helped improve your lifestyle. If you don’t want to speak it’s OK.

3. Look into legislators eyes and speak from your heart. Try not to read from notes.

4. Bring your child that has benefited for alternative dietary methods.

5. Read statements into the record of those who cannot attend.

6. Sign in when you enter the hearing room to register your opposition to SB115. If 3,000 people show up in opposition the hearing will be canceled and the bill will die.

If you cannot attend the hearing in person, call your legislator and say NO to SB115 and AB115.

Find your lawmaker here:

Please check for updates, hearing could be canceled.

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