Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring Is A Great Time to Cook Light And Healthy With Spring Herbs

BY ACHS Holistic Nutrition Instructor Helen (Eleni) Delfakis, MS, RD

Spring is a great time to begin cooking light and healthy using fresh herbs. One of my favorite herbs is basil, Ocimum basilicum, which is an annual plant cultivated in temperate climates around the world. In Greece, basil is named Basileus, Greek for 'king', is associated with romance, and has been used for aromatherapy since the third century B.C. in Greek and Roman bathhouses. In more recent times, basil has been cultivated by the cosmetic industry for fragrances, shampoos, and soaps.

For medicinal purposes, basil tea has been recommended by herbalists to cure cramps, vomiting and constipation, and its mild sedative properties make it ideal for relieving headaches and anxiety.

For culinary uses, basil is one of the most popular cooking herbs. Its mildly peppery taste and desirable fragrance makes this herb ideal for flavoring veal, poultry, fish, cheeses, and most vegetable and pasta dishes, especially when blending with olive oil, garlic, and tomatoes.

> Download a recipe for linguini with tomatoes and basil here

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Leave a comment with your best basil and herb recipes! We're always looking for new ways to incorporate herbs into our everyday diet.

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Sarah said...

Basil rocks! It's relatively easy to grow, has medicinal properties, and adds so much flavor to dishes.