Monday, May 5, 2008

Updated Herb of the Month

Wow, this year is going by quickly. Our previous posting on Friday we listed St Johns Wort as the herb of the month. Well that was April's herb. Its time for May! :)

We are proud to introduce this month's Featured Herb - Rosemary!
The link is here:
ACHS Herb of the Month - Rosemary

When you order the Featured Herb of the Month you will receive a new herb of the month package. This package includes 8 oz of the herb of the month and an insert, describing your herb in detail with recipes and other fun ideas to incorporate into your natural healing lifestyle.

Rosemary officinalis, a native to the Mediterranean Region, is one of the earliest and most renowned of the English medicinal herbs. There are numerous varieties. The botany of rosemary is rather complicated with a number of varieties and forms. It is a tender perennial and will thrive best in a Mediterranean-type climate of sunny mountain slopes and dry arid lands.

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