Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recycle your TV

Ok, what does recycling your tv have to do with a holistic tip blog? Everything! Our environment supports our health, and looking after the planet ultimately is self serving as well as giving you a feel good buzz that rivals caffeine.

So before you send your old TV to a landfill, check out where you can urge manufacturers to take back old sets and find out about recycling options in your area. Since many people are thinking about replacing tvs to receive the new digital signals in Feb 2009, its a good idea to find out now what you could do with your old set if you do replace it. (Of course, remember you dont need a new set if you currently have a cable box, sattelite box, or get a converter box for your old set).

And yes, its better to get outside or talk to each other than watch TV, but TV does have some good shows on - if you get it, check out the new Planet Green channel (my five year olds favorite show is Wasted, where they go through a family's trash!) and Veria, which has lots of great holistic health shows.

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