Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What defines healthy to you?

Everyone has a different perspective of personal health. You may see someone eating fast food and think "Wow, I make healthier choices" while again other people may view your own food choices as unhealthy. So, what defines health to you? Do you watch your saturated fat intake? Are you vigilant in making sure you don't eat too many carbohydrates? Does the word "antioxidant" get your mind ready for salad greens and a health shake?
I remember when I was studying at ACHS and I had to define the symptoms of vitamin deficiencies and I was reminded just how complex but unified our body really is. Our body really is the ultimate in machine design! I mean sure, what they are doing over there at Google is impressive but your body is even more impressive in it's complexity.
In today's world we often run to the pharmacy or the doctor to treat common ailments such as dry skin, or trouble sleeping, headaches and digestive troubles to name some common ones. Did you know that all of these can be symptoms of a B deficiency? How often does someone think "Oh I have a cold starting and my hands seem dry, I need to up my vitamin intake!" Or suggest the family eat a better assortment of veggies now as winter is getting closer and immune systems need the extra boost.
I am suggest that you take time to make sure you are offering the key nuts and bolts to your machine now before you need the doctors repair bill. Don't wait for more symptoms of the problem to develop, be more proactive in your own diet. You may just find out those symptoms of PMS or IBS or other ailments you are worried are developing may just be deficiencies in the exact nutrients we need to run a well "oiled" machine!

For a list of food sources of vitamins and the symptoms of deficiencies you may have please check out this link: Vitamin Deficiency Solutions

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