Thursday, November 6, 2008

'Homemade remedy for sick kids' article features Deborah Halvorson

ACHS faculty member Deborah Halvorson was featured in a November 5 article in the Orange County Register called "Homemade remedies for sick kids." Halvorson is pictured with her daughter, Hazel, making chest balm in her kitchen. In the article, Halvorson credits her belief in natural remedies to personal experience, and shares some great tips for keeping your kids healthy this year, including a recipe for vapor balm.

To read the full-length article, click here. Show your support for ACHS faculty! Be sure to leave a comment on the OC Register site AND here. We're looking forward to reading your recipes for fall wellness!

1 comment:

Patricia said...

Thanx for the link to this recipe. It will come in handy. I find natural remedies are working better for me than over the counter.