Monday, December 1, 2008

Sprouts Farmers Market teams with ACHS for training

Portland, OR — November 12, 2008 — In this economy, more Americans than ever are taking action to avoid costly medical expenses.

Employers are seeing the value in having trained employees to help consumers make informed and safe choices. One such company is Sprouts Farmers Markets. With 31 stores in Arizona, California, Texas, and Colorado, Sprouts corporate has demonstrated their commitment to consumers by partnering with Australasian College of Health Sciences (ACHS) to ensure Sprouts employees have up-to-date credible knowledge.

“Our customers have let us know that health and nutrition information is important to them and Sprouts answers the call,” said Patti Milligan M.S., R.D., C.N.S., Corporate Nutritionist for Sprouts Farmers Market. “Sprouts is committed to providing credible nutrition information to its customers and, as part of that continuing commitment, we have well-trained educators in each region,” continues Milligan.

Sprouts partnered with ACHS, to educate their vitamin department staff, with at least one representative in each region completing accredited training through ACHS.

“Sprouts has developed a knowledgeable team dedicated to educating customers on the best products for their personal health and wellness, creating incredible value for their customers,” said Tracy Miller, ACHS Dean of Admissions. “ACHS graduates have completed rigorous, dynamic and up-to-date training in holistic nutrition.”

Founded in 1978, ACHS has more than thirty years of experience in holistic health care. In addition to DETC-accredited, distance learning programs, ACHS has developed a 21st-century Corporate Training program, which emphasizes education, engagement, and high-quality customer service. Corporate Training partnership with ACHS ensures customized and consistent continuing education, assists with secondary sales, and builds employee and customer confidence.

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Founded in 1978, the Australasian College of Health Sciences has more than 30 years of experience in holistic health care. At present, the College works with more than 10,000 students in 60 countries to educate and train skilled professionals in complementary alternative medicine.

ACHS is the only accredited, fully online college offering diplomas in complementary alternative medicine in the United States. As such, the College specializes in providing their students with comprehensive, professional and engaging distance education and the most up-to-date CAM research available. ACHS graduates have gone on work as teachers and writers, consultants and holistic health care practitioners, researchers, etc.

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