Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy USA Independence Day, July Fourth!

The celebration of our nation’s “birthday” has come to mean friends, family, food and fireworks! The Fourth of July barbeque is an American tradition, and usually consists of many high calorie, high fat foods that have increased the risk for cardiovascular disease. According to Associated Content, the top ten Fourth of July foods are: potato salad, lemonade, pasta salad, watermelon, hot dogs, potato chips, hamburgers, baked beans and chicken. Let’s not forget the soda, desserts and ice cream!

Why not be the instrument of change for this year’s barbeque by making a healthy dish! The following is a great link to “Farmer’s Market Vegetable Recipes”, with some great recipes such as: Pizza Potatoes, Creole Zucchini and Red, White, and Green Salad:

There also are great holistic nutrition recipes contributed by ACHS students and graduates on ACHS Facebook Holistic Kitchen discussion. Here’s the link to download new recipes ideas and post your favorites too:

Have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!

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