Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Noha Hashem of AREEj Aromatherapy on ACHS and Building a Successful Business

“Our lifestyle is stressful, full of ups and downs, challenges and problems to be solved. Using essential oils can help humans to relax and may help to make our lives better, so why not?,” asks Noha Hashem, graduate of the ACHS Certificate in Aromatherapy and owner of AREEj Aromatherapy.

“To be honest,” Noha continues, “six years ago I had no idea about the word aromatherapy, until I started to search the net, then I found out the amazing benefits of essential oils on the mind, like for example, lavender can help you relax and sleep or basil oil can help in concentra- tion. [...] This new knowledge inspired [me] to start learning more about aromatherapy. Through research I found out that the ACHS college in Oregon, USA, is the right place to learn about aromatherapy, so I joined it and it open to me a whole new world that I didn’t know about. At this point the vision was quite clear that we want eventually to have an aromatherapy finished product line for the direct consumer to benefit from these amazing natural oils.”

AREEj Aromatherapy, based in the Egyptian delta, is part of the Hashem Brothers family partnership, which specializes in the production of essential oils and aromatic products. AREEj Aromatherapy uses naturally-derived and certified organic plant ingredients in their aromatherapy products. “Traceability and quality,” the company’s website says, “are the pillars of our business, which allow us to introduce the cosmetic market to Egyptian aromatherapy products from the source.”

READ the full-length article about AREEj Aromatherapy and ACHS aromatherapy graduate Noha Hashem, HERE: http://www.achs.edu/newsletter.aspx?id=7

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