Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thanks Suzanne Monroe for Yesterday's Fantastic Teleconference, Client Attraction Secrets

A special thank you to Suzanne Monroe, founder of the of the International Association of Wellness Professionals, for leading a fantastic American College teleconference yesterday: Client Attraction Secrets - The Holistic Professional’s 5 Step Formula to Find the Right Clients.

Suzanne not only covered her five steps for how to attract clients (including building a community and the importance of speaking on your subject), she also shared a few extra pieces of wisdom for holistic health practitioners establishing their business (download the Mp3 below to listen). One of Suzanne's suggestions we really like is free speaking. Free speaking provides practice talking to clients, which also builds confidence and helps to refine your expertise and consulting goals.

In fact, Suzanne thinks public speaking is so important (whether by teleconference, live lecture, webinar, etc.), she challenged all call participants to schedule five talks in the next two months. We encourage you to take Suzanne up on the challenge and to take action towards achieving your goals.

IF YOU ATTENDED YESTERDAY'S TELECONFERENCE, we'd love to hear your feedback. PLEASE POST any comments or further questions for ACHS and/or Suzanne here.

For those who were not able to attend, we have included a link for you to download the teleconference.
Click here to download the Mp3. We invite you to POST any comments or questions you have about this holistic marketing teleconference here.


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