Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seasonal Aromatherapy: How to Use Essential Oil of Juniper

Looking for that quintessential herbaceous winter smell without the aid of synthetic room sprays? Look no further! Essential oil of juniper (Juniper communis), distilled from the plant's berries, has a fresh, balsamic aroma reminiscent of holiday greens. Blend with oils like cedar, citrus, cypress, lavender, and pine for a natural, aromatic room spray.

To prepare an aromatic room spray, first create your essential oil blend (also called an aroma concentrate). Then, add 10 drops of your blend to 10 ml of alcohol, Everclear, or vodka. Blend together in a bottle and shake. It's great for freshening potpourri, diffusing throughout your home, or using as a body spray.

To make a 2 oz room or body spray, mix 60 drops of your essential oil blend with 2 oz of distilled water or witch hazel hydrosol. Shake well. Spray upward into the air and walk underneath. If the aroma is not strong enough, add more concentrate in 5 drop increments and test it again.

How do you use juniper essential oil? Have a blend to share? Feel free to post your aromatherapy recipes here!

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