Monday, December 21, 2009

ACHS names Michael Edwards, Director of Thee Wellness Institute, DETC Famous Alumni award winner for 2010

Congratulations to Michael Edwards, DETC Famous Alumni award winner for 2010!

The DETC Famous Alumni award honors distance education graduates who meet select criteria or academic records and the quality of their contribution to their chosen profession and society in general.

Michael, who graduated with a Certificate in Nutrition, Bodycare, and Herbalism, says,
“The first acceptance I had at ACHS made a big difference to me, and it motivated me to read and teach as often as possible. I feel I’m doing my share to give people back control of their health.”

Since completing his Certificate, Michael has completed his master’s degree and launched Thee Wellness Institute (previously The NC Health and Wellness Institute), specializing in preventative health programs and natural products for the community. Edwards also worked as the Clinical Health Educator at Cherry Point Marine Base before accepting the position of Education Program Manager at Patrick Air Force Base. While in this position, Edwards has developed several health-promoting programs and has led motivational wellness classes for thousands of service members in the U.S. Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard.

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