Friday, April 16, 2010

The ACHS Team with DETC Outstanding Graduate Pat Reder in Del Mar

Our team just got back from the DETC conference in Del Mar, California. Here's a great picture of ACHS's 2010 DETC Outstanding Graduate Pat Reder with her son, Seth (far left), who traveled from Los Angeles to record Pat's speech! ACHS College President Dorene Petersen is on the far left and SVP Erika Yigzaw is between Pat and Seth.

Pat is a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Practitioner. She has worked as a registered nurse for about 30 years, including critical care and emergency and trauma medicine. She has always had an interest in holistic health because she feels there is “a need for an integrative approach between allopathic and holistic healthcare practices.” That is why Reder chose to enroll in ACHS’s Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma program, which she completed in December 2009, in addition to a Certificate in Nutrition, Bodycare, and Herbalism.

Each year the Distance Education Training Council asks their accredited institutions to select exceptional distance education graduates for recognition. Award winners must meet select criteria set for academic records and the quality of their contribution to their chosen profession in specific, and society in general. Outstanding Graduates are featured in the DETC Outstanding Graduate brochure and on the DETC website.

You can read more about Pat's work with holistic health and wellness here:

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