Monday, January 3, 2011

@ACHSedu Top Tweets from 2010

Over the last year, Twitter reportedly grew by more than 100 million users. That's a whole lot of 140-character-long thoughts and ideas sharing about.

We know there are a lot of health resources to choose from, and we want to thank you for loyally following ACHS tweets to learn what's new in health and wellness.

As part of our year in review, here are 10 of our top tweets shared by @ACHSedu in 2010! (They're in no particular order.) Some got the most clicks. Some reflect important world developments. Some sparked sentiments and sharing with you. For your 2011 wellness stories, health tips, and lifestyle suggestions, follow us at @ACHSedu!

1. Reading about New York's effort to seek a national reduction of salt in food. Average American consumes 3,400-3,500 mg/day

2. Obama's Statement on the earthquake in Haiti has been posted to YouTube. Find out what U.S. relief efforts are planned

3. Haiti earthquake relief: How to help. Here's a list of organizations working to provide basic needs and health care

4. Good tips from Massage Today about how to use essential oils to go green for a healthier office and

5. Added new article to wikiHow, "How to Make a Decoction." Learn how to make your own herbal teas to support optimal health

6. 20 ways to get healthier for free (or pretty cheap). Download free holistic health info Get tips here

7. Great article on growing $700 worth of produce in a small garden: Free gardening classes at ACHS start next month!

8. The ACHS Holistic Kitchen .... recipe for how to make baked kale, dandelion coffee, fresh tomato sauce from the garden

9. Posted new Photo of the Week. Can you identify the herb? Thank you Shelli Johnson for sharing your pic with us all! #herb

10. Have you seen Numen?It's the first feature-length film to explore traditional herbal medicine use in the US #herbs#health

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