Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day is April 22! How Will You Promote Sustainability in 2011?

Earth Day is April 22! Founded in 1970, Earth Day provides a dedicated day to to raise awareness about the importance of conservation and to demonstrate our commitment to the health of our environment.

This Earth Day ACHS encourages you to review and renew your day-to-day commitment to the preservation of our natural environment. Here are some simple things you can do without significantly impacting your day-to-day routine:
  • Compost. Many food items like fruits and vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds, and plant material can be composted.
  • Reduce energy consumption. Turn off lights when you leave a room and unplug electronics that are not in use.
  • Get rid of old cosmetics and recycle the containers. Body and skin care products with organic ingredients support sustainable practices and your health! To find out what may be lurking in your cosmetics, visit the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.
  • Plant an herb and veggie garden. Plus, growing your own herbs and veggies is a great way to reduce cost, involve the entire family, and bring healthy, nutritious foods from backyard to table. For tips about organic gardening and growing herbs in pots, visit ACHStv on YouTube for easy-to-follow instructional videos.
How will you promote sustainability and make the earth a better place in 2011? Post your comments and suggestions for Earth Day activities!

Read more about ACHS's sustainability initiatives on our website here and our Oregon Tilth Organic Certification here.

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