Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Australasian College Pledges Renewable Energy

Sustainability is more than a pledge. It takes personal dedication and a commitment from business owners and employees alike.

As a team, ACHS continually shows their commitment to sustainability through daily practice, such as: the maintenance of our on-site, oxygen-producing botanical teaching garden; recycling of office paper and kitchen trash; use of skylights, which harness natural light and improve work conditions; extensive use of electronic communications to minimize paper, ink, and other office product consumption; and community workshops, which teach natural solutions to health, plant, and personal care.

In addition, ACHS has a new action plan. As of September 2008, ACHS has extended their commitment to sustainability and pledged their participation to PGE’s Save More, Matter More program. In replace of traditional power, ACHS pledges to use renewable power, which makes use of clean wind to save energy, cut costs, and help the environment.

ACHS is one of 200 small- and medium-sized businesses to pledge the Save More, Matter More program. For more information on this program and renewable energy, visit

For 20 examples of how you can reduce your carbon footprint, visit the About page of our website.

A few ways ACHS employees show their personal dedication to sustainability include: riding public transportation to work; composting; and participating in beach clean ups.

Save More, Matter More may expire, but ACHS’s dedication to sustainability is permanent.

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