Friday, February 5, 2010

ACHS Apothecary Shoppe College Store Donates to Mercy Corps’s Work in Haiti

ACHS President Dorene Petersen (left) and Communications Manager Lauren Shapiro (far right), both dressed in red for National Wear Red Day, hand the College's $1,000 donation to Megan McMorran, head of Programming and Operations for Mercy Corps's Action Center.

The ACHS Apothecary Shoppe College Store selected Mercy Corps as their partnership organization to raise awareness and funds for relief work in Haiti. The Apothecary Shoppe, which pledged on their website 20% of sales made between January 15-31, 2010, to Mercy Corps raised $1,000, which will help Mercy Corps’s work to bring clean water and improved sanitation to post-quake Haiti.

The American College of Healthcare Sciences founded the Apothecary Shoppe as a health resource for their students and community, and to support the mission of the College: “To provide leadership in holistic health education through comprehensive professional online and on-campus education and high quality natural products with a commitment to sustainable practices and principles.” The Shoppe sources holistic health products and supplies, including organic and sustainably wildcrafted herbs and essential oils, and works to preserve and share knowledge in natural medicine by hosting monthly community wellness events.

The Apothecary Shoppe, housed in Portland, Oregon, launched their donation campaign as an opportunity to help Mercy Corps, also Portland-based, and to promote awareness about the importance of basic healthcare for sustainable health.

“The reports were heartbreaking,” said ACHS President Dorene Petersen, “continue to be heartbreaking. I mean, we were hearing about people looting toothpaste for basic sanitation, but also to help mask the smell of wounded and dying people. We’re a holistic health college; we know that good nutrition, including clean water, stress intervention, and basic sanitation are essential for health and wellness. So we felt that donating to Mercy Corps’s work would have immediate and long-term impact for the post-recovery health of Haiti.”

The Apothecary Shoppe offers a distinguished selection of holistic health products, including certified organic herbs, organic essential oils, flower essences, homeobotanical remedies, and reference materials.

To learn more about the Apothecary Shoppe’s mission and products, visit

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