Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aromatherapy for the Home: ACHS Featured on Better Living Show Blog

ACHS is gearing up for the Better Living Show taking place at the Portland Expo Center March 26-28. ACHS will be exhibiting at this fun and accessible sustainability show for the second year, and will have interactive holistic health presentations and lifestyle displays, as well as holistic health experts and ACHS faculty and staff on hand for attendees to speak with.

Here is a link to more information about ACHS at the Better Living Show @ booth #811, including show times and directions:

Take a moment to check out the Better Living Show website, where we have a great aromatherapy article,
"Aromatherapy at Home," featured on the Show's blog. Here is a sneak peek of the article, which includes information about aromatherapy, including tips for how to use essential oils in your home to create a clean environment and to create sanctuary:

You may have seen the term “aromatherapy” on product labels, or even as part of spa services or in advertising. But perhaps you’re wondering, “What does aromatherapy really mean?” Translated literally, aromatherapy is the use of aromas for their healing properties. It is “the controlled use of essential oils to promote the health and vitality of the body, mind and spirit,” as Shirley Price, a noted clinical aromatherapist, further explains in her book Aromatherapy for Health Professionals.

So what does essential mean? Essential oils are the distilled or expressed product of volatile components synthesized by various plant tissues of a single plant species (the healing components). Simply, essential means that these distilled or expressed oils contain the essence or the fragrant part of the plant."

To read the full-length aromatherapy article, go to the Better Living Show website here:

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