Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We've Updated Our List of Favorite Blogs and Links

Happy Wednesday!

We've updated our list of favorite blogs and links to share with you. Some of these updates are from suggestions made by ACHS students, the blogs they like to follow.

Elana's Pantry, for example, is a blog our holistic nutrition students like to follow. The blog features healthy recipes the whole family will love. Right now there's a recipe for honey mustard dressing over fresh greens featured. Looks delicious!

We also added a link to the Healthy Recipes Index from the Mayo Clinic and to Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, a fun blog by Amy Green that provides many flavorful options for people with Celiac disease (or those just seeking a healthier way of eating!).

For the eco- and organic-conscious we added links to The Oregon Tilth magazine, In Good Tilth, and the Mother Earth News blogs Grow It! and Healthy People, Healthy Planet, among others!

Be sure to check out our toolbar of favorites and if you have any suggestions for holistic health and wellness blogs our readers and ACHS students would find useful, please share!

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