Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ACHS Photo of the Week: Have you submitted your entry?

Help us spread the word ... ACHS has launched a Photo of the Week "contest" on Facebook. Every Monday morning we pick one of the photo submissions we received and post it to ACHS Facebook with the photographer's name and a little info about the image.

Photo submissions must be botanical images: from your own garden, from a public garden, from your community, a rooftop garden, from .... ? We don't care where it's from, just that it makes an interesting and unique addition to our collection of herbal medicine photos accessible to the public through ACHS Facebook.

You must, therefore, have the rights to distribute the photo, and you must be OK with us sharing the image on our page.

>> Visit ACHS Facebook to see this week's selection, submitted by Stacey Rayos!

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