Thursday, October 14, 2010

World Food Day 2010: Sign the Petition to End Hunger

World Food Day 2010 is this Saturday, October 16.

A worldwide event to raise awareness about hunger, World Food Day provides a great opportunity start alleviating hunger in your own community--share info about holistic nutrition, plan a food garden, be active. Education makes a difference!

Sign the petition to end world hunger here:

To find a World Food Day event in your area, visit the World Food Day USA website here:

How will you help raise awareness? Here are 5 simple things you can do year-round to help alleviate hunger:
  1. Make a YouTube video and send the link to everyone you know.
  2. Organize an outreach project on your college campus.
  3. Use the World Food Day curriculum (or develop your own!) and lead a discussion with kids in your local community.
  4. Plant a community food garden.
  5. Share information about World Food Day and healthy nutrition with everyone you can. Talk to people!
Have an event to suggest for World Food Day? Share it with our ACHS and greater holistic health community and post a response. We’d love to hear from you.

The American College has several downloads you can use to start planning your own World Food Day event. Download them here:
  1. ACHS Wellness Guide:
  2. YouTube Videos (ACHStv), Diet and Lifestyle Choices for Health, Part 1-5:
  3. Organic Gardening Guide:
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