Thursday, October 15, 2009

ACHS featured in Real Authentic Woman magazine

In 1978, Dorene Petersen founded a college in New Zealand, designed to bring distance-learning and study of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) a.k.a. holistic health, to interested students, living outside the college geographic locale. In 1989, Ms. Petersen brought ACHS to the United States, establishing the college in Oregon, where it has grown and expanded during these 20 years.

The value and necessity of holistic health practice and treatment, which considers the person--mind, spirit and body--as a whole, has increased tremendously since 1989, as Western medicine has consistently been shown to be incomplete in its approach to treatments of many conditions (especially preventative practices). Often Western medicine will damage a system of the body, in treating another system, such as is the case with chemotherapy. Holistic health knowledge and practice has never been more pertinent and ACHS is the leader in the holistic, alternative healthcare world, providing serious instruction and guidance to hundreds of students, most of whom have eyes on a career as alternative healthcare practitoners--but also "hobbyists" who wish to apply these ancient, time-tested principles of healing and health maintenance to themselves and their families.

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