Monday, October 12, 2009

World Osteoporosis Day is October 20!

World Osteoporosis Day is coming up, October 20!

Sponsored by the International Osteoporosis Foundation, World Osteoporosis Day (WOD) is an opportunity to educate the public and policy makers about prevention. The WOD website urges us all to "Stand Tall for bone health!" by taking up their 'call to action' and spreading the word about the importance of prevention, early detection, and affordable therapies for those suffering with osteoporosis.

What You Should Know

Osteoporosis, or decreased mineralization of the bone, typically occurs in people older than 50, but can start as early as 40. The common cause is usually an inadequate amount of calcium and vitamin D over a long period of time. However, there are additional causes. For example, an inability to absorb calcium from the intestines, a calcium/phosphorus imbalance, lack of exercise, and postmenopausal hormonal imbalance can also be causes.

To detect osteoporosis, the National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends a Dexscane, which tests for bone mass density.

Holistic Protocols for Prevention

Nutrition, supplements, exercise, aromatherapy, and herbs can all be used to help support osteoporosis prevention. For example, herbal sources of calcium can easily be incorporated into the daily diet and include alfalfa Medicago sativa, chamomile Matricaria recutita, dandelion Taraxacum officinal, and plantain Plantago major.

Similarly, weight-bearing exercise like walking and weight lifting have been shown to stimulate the production of new bone and can easily be incorporated in your everyday health and wellness routine. Exercise also strengthens muscle that supports the joints, which can help improve balance and prevent falls.

>> For more information about bone health, check out "Vitamin D is not just for healthy bones" by ACHS Academic Dean Dr. Arianna Staruch

Prevention and health protocols should be adopted well before symptoms of osteoporosis appear. However, this information is not intended to treat or diagnose. Rather, before making any significant changes to your diet, exercise, and/or health routine, it is recommended that you consult with your primary healthcare provider first.

>> To read more about World Osteoporosis Day and to take the One-Minute Osteoporosis Risk Test, visit the International Osteoporosis Foundation website

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