Monday, July 14, 2008

The Alligator Pear!

Wow, YUM, right? Ok, ok I mean the Avocado..or for those knee deep in their studies the Lauraceae (however still YUM!) I am not sure when the buzz happened about these ugly little fruits being too high in fat to eat but I am here to squash that rumor. Sure an average one has around 20-30 grams of fat but this is good fat, healthy fat! Several studies have shown eating avocado helps prevent heart disease thanks to the monounsaturated fatty acids but it also helps prevent various forms of cancer such as prostate, oral and breast cancers. How many of you take fish oils to get these benefits? Yet you walk by this fruit in the produce section with your nose up? Well, did you also know that one avocado a day can give you 35% of your RDA for vitamin K, 30% of your RDA in fiber, 25% of your needed potassium as well as 20% of vitamins C and B6 and copper? They have all that nutrition in a measly 236 calories in one cup?!? Well, set the table, I am ready to eat! I personally eat one avocado daily.
Try an avocado sliced on your salad or, my personal favorite, to your cottage cheese with some salsa and see for yourself how delish this fruit is!

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Barbara said...

YUM is right! Thanks for the reminder and the nutritional info. I love avocados! Now I have an extra reason to eat them more often!