Thursday, July 24, 2008

FDA Globalization Act 2008

Wow - the FDA is trying to pass regulations for cosmetic manufacturers that could put many small manufacturers out of business. So if you currently, or think you may in the future, make your own cosmetics (that includes skin care products), or care about being able to buy top quality organic skin care from small companies, then act now to protect your rights!

Read commentary here from Health Freedom News:

And the FDA law blog at

You can try to view or listed to notes from the subcommittee meetings here: I could not access either but perhaps you will have better luck.

Watch this video from Donna Maria from the Indie Beauty Business Network (you may remember Donna Maria from the Handmade Toiletries Network) regarding the proposed FDA Globalization Act.

We strongly recommend that you read this petition to stop the FDA Globalization Act 2008, sign it if you believe in it, and also email your congressmen and women:

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