Monday, July 14, 2008

Hi! I am Maureen Jeanson

but I usually go by Moe..or Mom depending on who is talking to me *wink*
I will skip the basic info as you can simply click my name to read my profile.
I am a 2004 graduate of Herb 401 from ACHS. My graduating thesis was on the Obesity epidemic still plaguing the world. Ironically, at the time of my thesis I WAS obese! I am not now...and you can really dig into why and how if you visit my website .

So, when Erika sent out requests looking for graduates to help out with the blog I causally sent her a calm email asking if perhaps I may join in. (really I was super excited and could barely type fast enough in my reply begging to be permitted this outlet to share my enthusiasm for total health!)

Along with my Master Herbalist, I hold certifications for fitness specialties from ISSA, ACSM as well as with the United States Navy. I hope to bring all of this education to your computer screen each week with the tips I use for maintaining and improving health and wellness in our own lives!

Thanks again for allowing me into your MIND!!!! *wink*

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