Friday, November 21, 2008

What's This? "FDA Regulation Changes Threaten the Supplement Industry". Not again!

Just as we are gearing for the thanksgiving holidays, with our minds on big turkeys and vanishing retirement funds, I was alerted to the following. I wanted to be sure you had seen this alert and given the FDA your feedback: Visit to read about how the "FDA Regulation Changes Threaten the Supplement Industry".

The comment period ends November 25, so there is very little time for us all to make our voices heard. I urge you to read this information and give the FDA your feedback. has a form you can use to submit your comments. There is also one at

Without wanting to sound paranoid - we all need to remain alert to ensure our rights as consumers and practitioners are retained. I wouldn't be so alarmed if there were not quite so many of these "sneaky" attempts to restrict dietary supplements (this includes herbs) that we know help keep us well! Now that we're all going to need to save our pennies and avoid rising health care costs by staying well, why on earth would the FDA be trying to restrict dietary supplements being moved across state lines if they have been shown in scientific studies to WORK? Does this make sense to anyone?

Its late, so perhaps I am missing something, but am I the only one who gets cross that these big changes that affect consumer rights get buried in regs? Does the FDA think no one will notice?

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Pamela A Heyen said...

Yes Erika....I too keep a close eye on this and voice my opinion whenever I have the opportunity! We should ALL be conerned and let our voices be heard!
Thank you for posting this!!