Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day is a celebration of health: help your body to thrive

In honor of Earth Day, a celebration of life and health, ACHS wants to support your choice to live well. Now through April 26, 2009, we are offering 20% off your entire purchase of earth friendly products made through the ACHS Apothecary Shoppe College Store.

When you purchase sustainable products, you protect the environment, but you also take a further step toward protecting your personal health. Help your body to thrive. Purchase organic, spray and synthetic-free products whenever possible.

Stock up on EcoCert organic, sustainably wildcrafted herbs and essential oils, do-it-yourself natural body care kits, health reference texts, flower essences, gardening supplies, and a wide variety of holistic health resources.

Did you know...
In 1970, 20 million celebrated the first Earth Day. Founded by John Gardener, Founder of Common Cause, Earth Day started as a grassroots celebration of the planet, which continues today.

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