Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poem by ACHS graduate bashka jacobs

yes you are quite right

sometimes it seems as

if the pharmaceutical world

lies beyond a featureless

black glass of impenetrable

voids disconnected from people

and the raw ingredients that

they isolate and refine from

the herbs that they find

all over the world.

the long ago art of using

a pestle and enriching your

understanding from face to

face contact with your client

seems almost gone

but in secret pockets

all around herbalists

who study with other

herbalists pass hand to

hand knowlege of a drop

of this and a pinch of

that to enrich our ability

to help heal with the

fragrences and potions

and teas.

of course i know the miracle

of anti biotics and what

prednisone can do and can

not do. of course i have seen

thier white pills or colorful

gels help people over a

rock within that they could

not have gone around.

but for me the sweet smell

of herbs boiling in a pot

to be inhaled to make

the breath come easier

brings joy

i use flower remedies

they are my medium of

choice but neat dropper

bottles line the shelves

along with books are in

my office sanctuary

far away from new york

where i was born marie

where you reside

yes hope must spring

eternal thats what it

does afterall.

to marie

somewhere on

the east coast

practicing and

learning her craft.

from the crow making

a healing soup

of lemon grass and lime

leaves with ginger

galangal and making

the air redolent



By: crow bashka jacobs, ACHS

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