Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage ACHS Apparel: The Apothecary Shoppe's Newest Line

Our Apothecary Shoppe, the ACHS college store, has a new line... ACHS Vintage Apparel!

These t-shirts and aprons bear the College's original logo, which was inspired by nature and her bounty, and celebrates more than 30 years of excellence in education and the original Apothecary.

>> Click here for a close-up image of our Vintage logo

Vintage ACHS is wearable memorabilia. Show your school pride and support for natural health and wellness, and get your Vintage wear here:

Vintage t-shirts come in sizes S-XXL and are 100% cotton. Aprons are a blend and adjustable. Hats coming soon!

P.S. This is a picture of our very own Instructional Designer, Ephraim Ross, wearing his Vintage ACHS in the ACHS Botanical Teaching Garden in Portland, Oregon.

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