Monday, March 15, 2010

ACHS Partners with Wonderlic, Inc.

ACHS Partners with Wonderlic, Inc. to Ensure Hiring of Most Qualified Faculty and Staff
American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) has teamed with Wonderlic, Inc. to streamline their hiring process for Admissions and Adjunct Faculty positions, thus ensuring all new hires will meet the needs of ACHS and their students.

ACHS is the one of the first accredited online colleges to offer degrees, diplomas, and career-training certificates in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). They are committed to providing current and prospective students with the best online CAM education and experience available, including highly trained admissions advisors and faculty who are both industry experts and engaging online instructors.

ACHS chose to work with Wonderlic because of their ability to customize testing metrics for specific positions. Applicants interested in available jobs in ACHS Admissions or as Adjunct Faculty will now complete Wonderlic’s pre-employment testing, which consists of several assessments that provide an objective measurement of applicants’ knowledge, skills, and ability to meet specific job requirements. The results will allow ACHS President Dorene Petersen, Senior Vice President Erika Yigzaw, Dean of Admissions Tracey Miller, and Academic Dean Dr. Arianna Staruch to compare applicant experience and skills, leading to the selection of only the most qualified candidates.

“By hiring staff and faculty who possess the ability to perform well and have the personality to be successful in an online institution, we ensure that we are maximizing our students’ valuable tuition dollars,” says ACHS Dean of Admissions Tracey Miller.

Click here to read the full-length press release on the ACHS website.

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