Thursday, March 4, 2010

FDA Commissioner Hamburg Posts Open Letter to Food Industry

NPR yesterday posted a short article on their website linking to an open letter from FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg to the food industry "exhorting them to do a better job and highlighting some areas of special concern."

Her "beef," NPR comments, is that "companies should stop misleading consumers by trumpeting a food as free of trans fat--implying that it's a healthy choice--when it also happens to be be high in unhealthy saturated fats." Nor should they make health claims about foods for kids younger than 2 or "representing that foods can cure or treat a disease."

NPR cites this example: "Nestle Drumstick Classic Vanilla Fudge [...] proclaims '0 g Trans Fat,' while the fine print shows 10 grams of saturated fat per serving, or 50 percent of the recommended daily amount."

>> You can read the Open Letter to Industry from Dr. Hamburg here.

>> To read the original NPR article, click here.

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