Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Greece Summer School 2008 - Day 2

This morning we met at 7:30 for breakfast at the Taverna on the beach, then boarded the bus to take us to the Medieval city of Ano Syros. The 700 year old town was built as a fortress on the highest central point of the island. We had a fun time admiring the quaint houses and wandering the narrow streets - too narrow for vehicles, donkeys are still used to transport goods.

At the very highest point of the town is the Catholic cathedral of St. George. Still in use today, the original church was built in A.D. 1200 and was rebuilt three times, with the current one dating 1834.

We walked back down the narrow streets to our bus, which took us into Ermoupoli, the capital and main city of Syros. We explored the street markets and the neo-classical architecture of the Vaporia quarter.

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